This CrossFit class is designed for a broad group and is open to intermediate and advanced CrossFitters. Level 1 programming will allow for members at all levels to continue working on progressive skills, exercise knowledge, capacity in the movements, and strength appropriate to their current level. Coaches can assist with scaling, up-scaling and modifications as needed. Please see the schedule for class times.

General All-club Membership Rates

Single fitness | $42.85/mo

Single + child | $62.85/mo

Couple | $71.85/mo

Couple + Child | $81.85/mo

Additional Child | + $5.00/each

Member Pricing | Fundamental and Level 1

Single | $49 + Central membership

Spouse | $49 + Central membership

Child | $40 + Central membership

Additional Child | $20 + Central membership

Drop-in Classes

Member | $10/per class

Non-Member | $20/per class